Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner


Before the St. Louis Blues played the Boston

Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, I'd watched very

few games. I follow hockey very loosely until the

playoffs, and then not at all if the Blues aren't in

the hunt. This year I watched. I listened to the

spotts commentators repoft that the "Bruins

decimated one hot team after another in the

Eastern Division playoffs" and "Boston was the

fastest team on ice". Were the Boston Bruins

, really barreling toward what they predicted to be

a four game sweep of the upstart Blues from the

Western Division. To my Glorious surprise, the

Blues showed resilience, physical strength and

timely stops that would eventually ovenruhelm the

favorite Bruins. And The Stanley cup comes to St.

Louis Blues. Can you still hear their 2019 theme

song "Gloria?

The St. Louis Blues demonstrated that the team

with the best talent most speed, and accurate

shooters doesn't always win in hockey. But

playing as a team wins every time! Teamwork

characteristics such as encouraging one another,

looking out for teammates'blind spots, stepping

up when the pressure is on, not putting one

another down when things go wrong but building

one another up, moving fonvard even after a bad

game, and unselfish play are a winning


What does teamwork look like in our church? In

what ways can we support one another,

encourage and lift up one another? One glorious

example of this is the support and prayers from

the church for Naomi and Harold Sapp. While

Naomi was in the hospital and later in Westwood

Rehab center they were showered with cards,

calls and words of support. Harold says it best,

"We both felt love and prayers lifted us up when

we were down."

In the coming week our church will be hosting

Old Glory Days Hymn Sing. Letb show our

teamwork and support with a good turnout for

this kick-off for the Clinton community

celebration. Wouldn't it be great if we had a

strong showing from our church at the Hymn Sing

which is sponsored by the Henry County

Ministerial Alliance. This is only one of two fund

raisers for the Ministerial Alliance. With the

donations from the Olde Glory Days Hymn Sing,

hundreds of our neighbors in need flnd assistance

with utilities, gas, medical expenses and much


We can also show our winning teamwork by

sharing ideas and dreaming of new possibilities

for our church and our ministries. What would

you like to experience at the church. Let's make

some new plays and re-invent some old plays for

the playbook. There are many ways you can join

the team and give your talents in new and

exciting ways. We're a team. We can sing the

same song that lifted the St. Louis Blues, Gloria,


Blessings In Christ

Rev. Nanry Gillard