Pastor's Corner

The Church Directory: A Thing of the Past?

I have clear memories of getting our family picture taken for the church directory. I

remember my mom choosing a time slot, carefully selecting nice (matching?) clothes for us, and then going to the social room to get our picture

taken by the photographer in front of a white screen. We confirmed our address, phone

numbers, and birthdays. A few weeks or so later, our church mailbox contained a shiny new church directory. As a kid, I liked looking through the pictures in the church "look-book" and finding my friends.

Today, our culture is completely saturated in the digital world, some might have a hard time seeing the logic in continuing to print a church pictorial directory. Maybe an online church directory is good enough.

But I don't even get the Yellow pages anymore. The church directory is a resource for members to be able to contact each other. It's nice to know exactly where to find someone's address, phone, email, etc. In this sense, a church directory builds community. In the church I grew up, the directory also included birthdays. I would receive birthday cards from some of the "faithful prayer warriors" in the church and it was always nice to be remembered.

October 11 and 12 Lifetouch Church Directories is coming to First Pres. They will professionally photograph you and your family. You will receive a church directory, an 8x10 photo and a mobile directory with absolutely no charge. You can purchase additional pictures, as you wish. You'llsee the sign-up table at church, or you can signup online. Check the bulletin flyers for more details. Contact Donna Doll or me with any question.

So to answer the question, "Is the Church Directory a Thing of the Past?" No, absolutely not. Here's why.

When people are baptized at our church, the congregation boldly proclaims to them, "You belong to Christ in whom you have been baptized." Our church is a gathering of people who belong to Christ. As members of Christ's church you belong here. In worship, you belong here as we gather weekly to be nourished with God’s Word, At every stage of life, as you grow in faith, your joys and your sorrows belong here. As you share your faith by living out your calling in your daily life, you belong here. The church directory serves as a visual reminder that we belong to God and to one another as bearers of the Message of God's love of the world. In the next 6 weeks, please sign up to have your picture taken. All pictures will be taken here at church. We will also be calling friends and families of our church so we can have a directory of all your smiling faces and the most current contact information you want to share.

Blessings in Christ,

Rev. Nancy Gillard