Installation of Rev. Nancy Gillard as pastor of First Presbyterian Church on March 10, 2019.

(Photos by Neil Crayden Jr.)

Our Christmas Eve, eve service is a celebrated event for our church each year. 2018 was no exception.

(photos by Neil Crayden Jr.)

First Presbyterian Church was involved in the Diabetes Walk for 2016.  The walk raises money for scholarships and other financial assistance for local residents suffering with diabetes.   This was the first year we participated in this event and we were quite pleased with the turnout.  As you can see our folks had fun.

 Every year we volunteer to help one week with the Hope Cafe at the Old First Baptist Church Building to feed children in the area.  Here are some of our 2016 volunteers.

 Random photos of mission projects and fellowship.

 Connie and Martin decided to go back in time for the Christmas day worship service.  A fun idea by a couple in our church family.